Sorting through info for you


Did the stimulus work? Is fracking safe? Are people loving or hating Obamacare? Are you safer with or without the gun? Are prisons part of the solution or part of the problem? Does China really own us? Can we save Social Security?

As citizens we need to know the answers to these questions and many others that affect the quality of our lives. But we also know that most people do not have the time it takes to sort through the enormous amount of information out there in order to separate the facts from the fictions.

So, we do the work: the research, the culling through the misinformation, and we layout the facts in easy-to-read fliers for you to enjoy and share in hardcopy, on Facebook, on Twitter or wherever you like.

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BECAUSE Democracy demands participation, and BECAUSE an informed electorate makes better decisions, we research, we write, and we publish.

The result? About once a week you will find a new fact sheet (right here) dedicated to the proposition that all “facts” are not created equal.

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